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iLaunch is an annual one-day conference to help new graduates launch their careers after graduation. Participants can attend a number of helpful workshops and meet with employment agencies.

This event took place on Tuesday, June 19, 2018. Stay tuned for information regarding the 2020 iLaunch. For more information about the event, contact
  • 2018 Schedule of Events


    Jamie Hengartner | Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Rylea Bloom (ryleabloom)

    Jamie is well known for her passion and creativity. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Planning and a minor in Sociology from the University of Toronto. For a decade, she has been creating memorable designs for weddings, special events, and for a growing network of clients seeking refreshing floral "therapy". From as young as she can remember she would always look at something - anything, like an empty room, a dried flower, or even a piece of paper and say "hmmm...what can I do with this?" Through her eyes, everything is a blank canvas. She also brings over a decade of marketing and communication expertise gained from a flourishing career in the financial industry.


    Who Do You Think You Are? Self-exploration for Career Decision-Making

    Facilitators: Alison Macpherson, Career Counsellor and Erin McKenney, Career Counsellor

    A fun and interactive self-reflection exercise to help you explore how your interests, abilities and values align with potential career areas and to the world of work. Insights will be recorded on a worksheet and developed throughout the workshop for you to use to further explore career options. 

    Four Ways to Start a Conversation

    Facilitators: Tracy James-Hockin, Science Coop Advisor and Darren Grant, Employment Advisor

    Learn how to interact within the professional world and be successful at Job Fairs, Wine and Cheese Networking events and any social gathering.

    Get your Resume in the YES Pile

    Facilitator: Amanda Miller, Engineering Coop and Internship Advisor, and Tinuola Ekuase, Employment Advisor

    You will learn important components of an effective resume, how to create competency-based accomplishment statements that capture an employer’s attention and how to express your unique skills, knowledge and experience to best fit the needs of a particular position. Learn how to create a cover letter that will make the employer want to read your resume.

    Outwit, Outplay, Outlast: How to Survive and Thrive in Your Next Interview

    Facilitators: Amanda Miller, Engineering Coop and Internship Advisor, Tinuola Ekuase, Employment Advisor, and Perla Jaurji, Operations Coordinator at Canopy Growth Corporation

    In this interactive workshop, you will learn effective strategies to succeed before, during, and after an interview. The importance of soft skills and how to emphasize these skills in a behavioural based interview using the STAR technique. 

    Seven LinkedIn Hacks to Make an Impact

    Facilitator: Tracy James-Hockin, Science Coop Advisor and Darren Grant, Employment Advisor

    In an era where social media impacts your search, you will learn how to use LinkedIn to build connections, seek out employment opportunities, and build your professional brand.

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