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The Student Learning Centre offers events and bootcamps to support your academic growth at critical times of the year.
  • Graduate Writing Bootcamp

    Over three consecutive days, the Graduate Writing Boot Camp will give you a productive, distraction-free work environment and space to make significant progress with your writing. We will also provide you with the opportunity for at least one individual session with a Writing Specialist, which will help you develop the strategies to become a more skillful writer. There will also be short input sessions that will equip you with techniques to help motivate you to continue with your writing.  The boot camp is strictly limited to 20 participants.



    1. Talk to your supervisor; he or she can help you decide if you are ready to take this opportunity to focus on your writing. 
    2. Identify the section(s) on which you will focus.
    3. Collect and organize in advance all the materials (e.g., notes, drafts, data, charts) that you will need over the three days. 
    4. Think about the areas in which you would like specific help during your 1:1 session with a Writing Specialist.
    5. Check if your schedule allows you to be available throughout the three days. A Supervisor’s Consent Form will be required in order to complete your registration.

    Please note: The boot camp is for writing, not for further reading or research. You will be expected to commit to all the three days, to be punctual and to reserve social media use for lunch breaks. We want you to make serious progress with your writing!

  • Long Night Against Procrastination

    Papers are due! Finals are quickly approaching! There is no need to stress because the Student Learning Centre will host an event called Long Night Against Procrastination at the north and downtown campus locations.

    Get a head start on your writing assignments by dropping by for some quick tips, or stay all night to finish your paper with the help of trained Writing Specialists. Study Skills Specialists will be on hand to provide exam preparation strategies and a Library Technician/Reference Librarian will be available to provide help with specific research topics or research skills. 

    Join us for:

    • drop-in writing help
    • exam preparation tips
    • hourly prizes and food
    • free yoga classes and mindfulness meditation

    Event dates and location:

    • Thursday, March 8 at the North Oshawa Library, The Den (Room 026)
    • Monday, March 26 at the 61 Charles Street Building, Student Life Suite (Room 120)

    The first 50 people to check in at The Den on March 8 or the Student Life Suite on March 26 get a free gift!

    Register at or drop in at either location to participate in the Long Night Against Procrastination. Please bring your student ID card and writing assignment(s). 

  • Shut Up & Write!

    Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018

    Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    Register at

    Stop talking about writing. Stop reading about writing. Stop thinking about writing. Shut Up & Write!

    It doesn't matter if you are working on a thesis chapter, literature review, conference paper, or proposal. Shut Up & Write! provides a supportive environment where everyone has the same goal. 

    We hope to see you on there!

    For more information, please contact


    You arrive before 9 a.m. with your research, notes, and laptop to get organized.

    We start at 9 a.m., and you start writing.

    As you look around or start to lose focus, you feel guilty that everyone else is working. This motivates you to get back to work.

    During the day, you have a 45 minute individual writing consultation with a Writing Specialist.

    We schedule breaks and lunch as well as provide refreshments and snacks.

    At 4 p.m., you're amazed at how productive you were.


    1. During the writing sessions, you can't talk, leave the room, or use social media.

    2. Cell phones must be switched off and put away.

    3. Your laptop or tablet must be used for writing.

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